How Does Baton Rouge Real Estate Compare To CoreLogic 7 Month Price Declines Report April 2011

How Does Baton Rouge Real Estate Compare To CoreLogic 7 Month Price Declines Report April 2011
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View: 12 - How Does Baton Rouge Real Estate Compare To CoreLogic's report that national home prices have declined for the 7 straight month, report issued April 7, 2011? Is Greater Baton Rouge Housing immune from this national downturn in home prices? Watch this video to find out. My apology (more)

Baton Rouge In Top Ten Housing Markets For Third Quarter 2009 – Greater Baton Rouge In Top Ten Housing Markets For Third Quarter 2009

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Local Market Monitor Announces Release of Third Quarter Home Price For Largest US Markets, article here! Here’s a snippet:

According to the forecast, among the largest US markets—identified as those with populations greater than 600,000—the 10 markets with the best expected performance in home price are:

Baton Rouge, LA
Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY
Columbia, SC
Dallas-Plano-Irving, TX
Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX
Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, AR
Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA
Pittsburgh, PA
San Antonio, TX
Syracuse, NY

These top markets, where home values are expected to remain level, are among those markets that did not have a big housing boom and have had relatively small job losses over the past year. Home prices in these areas are generally below the US average and reflect where the recession has so far had a relatively mild impact. Dallas, San Antonio and Omaha have all experienced a 1.6 percent job loss over the past year, and jobs have actually increased in Baton Rouge.”

Baton Rouge Real Estate in October 2009 Ranks Within 20 Strongest Metro Areas In U.S. – Baton Rouge Real Estate in October 2009 Ranks Within The 20 Strongest Metro Areas In U.S.

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(NOTE: This Photo, Taken in 10/2009, Shows New Construction By More “Economy Builders” Priced Below $200,000 Is Still Fairly Brisk Within The Outlying Areas Of Greater Baton Rouge Itself. This is the “New” New Construction Baton Rouge housing market, a market that is much more affordable in pricing. And, this is what is selling. Some of those builders that thought buyers would just keep paying $136/sf to $160/sf and never stop are the ones still holding inventory, paying interest and their banks are sometimes taking it on the chin. In new home construction, in general, under $200K is moving fairly well; Over $250K is Still Not Selling As Fast As It Did in 2006/2007. AND, these $200,000 new homes in the photo are being built in a “former” high end subdivision where the predominant values were $350,000 or about $135/sf. The new price per sq. ft. for the remaining 85% of lots is going to be in the $96/sf to $106/sf. OUCH!!!)


Mark Perry, with Wall Street Pit Global Market Insight, is reporting, along with Business Week, that Baton Rouge Real Estate in 2009 is within THE 20 Strongest Performing Metro Areas in the U.S.. The link to the article is here. A Snippet includes:

BUSINESS WEEK (”The U.S. Metros Least Touched by Recession”) – America’s strongest economies have one thing in common — home prices that never got too hot or too cold (see charts above comparing the home price index in California to Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma over the last ten years).

Home prices in metros such as San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Little Rock, Ark., and Baton Rouge, La., remained steady through boom and bust. Although no metropolitan area entirely avoided the economic downturn, the most resilient metros were protected by a potent mix of recession-resistant jobs.

The upstate New York areas of Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, and Buffalo suffered from declining jobs in manufacturing, but got significant boosts from sizable health-care, education, and government sectors. Construction is booming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital, as firms take advantage of financing for post-Katrina hurricane recovery work and service-related companies expand to meet the needs of a growing population. Omaha and the state of Iowa have relatively strong insurance sectors.

Texas, the last state to enter recession, has been bolstered by its oil and gas industries — which have also helped Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Louisiana. Texas also has many other things going for it, including affordable home prices and relatively low wages, which attract corporations.”

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Greater Baton Rouge Among Four Louisiana Housing Markets Named Nation's Best For Real Estate In September 2009 – Greater Baton Rouge Among Four Louisiana Housing Markets Named Nation’s Best For Real Estate In September 2009

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On Wednesday, September 9, 2009, the Baton Rouge Business Report and Local Market Monitor reported that four (4) Louisiana housing markets were ranked among the nation’s best real estate markets. Here’s a snippet:

A new report says Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles and Monroe are four of the U.S. real estate markets expected to perform the best in the upcoming year. Local Market Monitor, which produces the Home Price Forecast for more than 300 cities, says home values should remain level in those cities over the next 12 months. Officials with Local Market say home prices in those cities are lower than the national average, and the effects of the recession have been slight. Baton Rouge, in particular, has continued to add jobs. The markets expected to do the worst include places where there were spikes in home prices and where speculative buying got out of hand, such as Las Vegas, Miami and Modesto, Calif.”

Source: Baton Rouge Business Report PM

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